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What are the advantages of the Safe System and the Safe Scrive technology?

This technique ensures a beautiful extraction of hair roots, their transfer and transplantation with a minimum of skin damage and the patient's own hair root. The puncture is about 0.5 - 0.9 mm in diameter, so it is so small that it minimises trauma to the skin and tendons. With an intact injury of the tendons, the time of recovery is shorter. 

Safe System Fue2 ensures high viability of transplanted hair roots. You can be sure that the transplanted hair will grow with our help to the greatest possible extent (in younger people the effectiveness is 100%, in older people it is at least 90%). FUE 2 method guarantees a denser hair surface at the place of implantation. 

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What do I have to do before the operation? 

Eat your fill because the operation takes a long time.

What do I have to do after the operation?
  • No special recommendations. 
  • The procedure and stay at the clinic On the day of the operation, you must be at the clinic at the agreed time You do not need any preliminary examinations, no special preparation The operation lasts a few hours (up to 8 hours), depending on the number of transplanted hairs After the operation, under normal circumstances, you can go home the same day 
How long does the rehabilitation take?
  • You can go to work the very next day 
  • The result of the operation will be visible after 3 months, definitely after one year. 
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